MARCH’s mission is to "Educate, motivate, and empower the Lebanese society to recognize its right to freedom of expression, instill a genuine respect and acceptance of differences, and expose the negative effect of censorship on society".

We aim to: 

Educate, motivate and empower the youth
- Raise awareness among the Lebanese society about the importance of the right of free expression
- Militate to translate this right to free expression into laws that will respect it.

Instill a genuine respect and acceptance of differences
- Raise a tolerant open society and work on a genuine reconciliation among the various communities in Lebanon through creative campaigning, awareness-raising initiatives and focused projects involving dialogue sessions, debate sessions, workshops, and mediation sessions in tense environments. 
- Raise a liberal society that respects the law through civic education and civic awareness.

Expose the negative effect of censorship on society
- Inform the public about any censorship case related to art and culture in order to hold the government accountable for its actions and decisions. 
- Fight censorship in all its form on all kind of artistic and cultural works, including lobbying for a new law

We focus our efforts on the youth, who are our best hope for positive change in leadership and who will drive Lebanon’s future.

The Team

Jad Ghorayeb
Founding Member
Lea Baroudi
Founding Member - General Coordinator
Stephanie Kiridjian
Youth Networking and Events Coordinator
Christy Massabni
Project Coordinator

Advisory Board

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