Get To Know Us

Who We Are

MARCH is a Lebanese non-profit, non-governmental organization working to promote social cohesion and personal freedoms while advocating for equal rights through its work in peace-building and conflict resolution

Our Story

MARCH was founded in 2011. We started our journey advocating for freedom of expression and intercommunal acceptance and respect. In 2015, our organization began its work in peace-building and conflict resolution. Our belief that arts and culture are powerful catalysts of change helped us develop a unique initiative, Theater for Reconciliation. We used the performing arts to help mend the feuding and war-torn neighborhoods of Beb El Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen. The experience proved to be cathartic and inspired a more holistic rehabilitative program, along with two cultural spaces in Beirut and Tripoli. Today, MARCH utilizes a diverse set of tools to build the capacities of local communities and consolidate social ties.

Our Mission

Through our work, we aim to develop the resilience of marginalized youth and help them to build a better future while encouraging constructive dialogue and fostering cross-communal acceptance and respect to create sustainable reconciliation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create safe and inclusive communities that celebrate diversity and thrive together in unity.

Our Goals

Increase Communal Resilience & Empower Marginalized Youth
Empower Women
Provide Economic Support & Promote Sustainability
Aid in Policy Development & Build Public Sector Capacity
Conduct Research & Provide Accurate and Reliable Data
Create Long Term Reconciliation

Awards & Recognition

MARCH is greatly appreciative of the recognition it’s received for its work throughout the years and hopes to continue upholding its values, mission and vision.
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Our Team

Meet the fantastic people behind MARCH’s initiatives. Their dedication and hard work are what make the organization’s mission possible.

Supporters, Partners & Collaborators

MARCH’s sustainability is ensured through an ever-growing network of both local and international support, partnerships and collaborations. Here are just some of the those who make our work possible and contribute to our impact.
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