Collaborative Journey with the Lebanese Armed Forces

In the realm of humanitarian work and community development, successful collaboration is often the linchpin that holds together transformative initiatives. MARCH has exemplified this spirit of collaboration across multiple sectors. One particularly noteworthy partnership that has borne significant fruit is its ongoing relationship with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). Collaborative Journey with the Lebanese Armed […]

Book a Love and War Tour

Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure that transcends boundaries? Welcome to the Love and War Tour, an eye-opening journey along the former demarcation lines of Jabal Mohsen and Beb El Tebbeneh, now proudly featured on the local tourism map of Lebanon by the Ministry of Tourism. What makes this tour truly exceptional? Former fighters […]

Transformative Collaborations: Building Bridges between Local Communities and Governmental Institutions

A History of Clashes, Battles, and Resentment The city of Tripoli, Lebanon, has faced its share of challenges, including periods of partial government absence and clashes between the communities of Jabal Mohsen and Bab El Tebbeneh, as well as between these communities and security institutions, notably the Lebanese Armed Forces. During the peak conflicts of […]

Le Figaro – Les bas-fonds de Tripoli s’ouvrent aux visites guidées.

REPORTAGE – Une ONG organise des excursions pour changer leregard sur les quartiers de cette ville libanaise longtemps déchirée parles combats. Tripoli «Vous avez des questions avant qu’on aille sur les lieux des combats?» Ali, 23 ans, barbe de hipster et long short de boxe, est un guide surprenant. Comme son alter ego, Zafer, 38 […]


Transforming Communities: Empowering Women through Post-Conflict Peacebuilding In recent years, the humanitarian sector has embraced a gender-sensitive lens: recognizing the importance of women’s active participation in peacebuilding processes, particularly in post-conflict societies. MARCH’s work in Tripoli has been at the forefront of this transformative approach which showcases the power of women’s inclusion in rebuilding efforts […]


Economic resilience is a fundamental pillar of MARCH’s initiatives. Through its work in Beb El Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, the organization realized that the conflict’s roots were not ideological but rather a product of a socioeconomic ecosystem that had led to the marginalization of these communities. The acute lack of opportunities stripped them of the […]


Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, hosts several marginalized communities who lack access to equal and equitable opportunities. This has been the city’s biggest trait for a long time even before the start of the current economic crisis. In addition to the socio-economic inequalities, what characterizes this city is a fissure between the different communities. Most […]

Kahwetna: Where Coffee, Creativity, and Compassion Converge for Change

In the heart of Syria Street in Tripoli, there stands a remarkable landmark and hub known as Kahwetna. What was once a demarcation line, dividing the communities of Jabal Mohsen and Beb Al Tebbaneh, has now transformed into a symbol of unity and hope. Through the power of arts, culture, learning, and community service, Kahwetna […]

المركزية – المكاري جال في ورش جمعية “مارش” – طرابلس

زار وزير الإعلام في حكومة تصريف الأعمال المهندس زياد المكاري، مركز “قهوتنا” التابع لجمعية “مارش”، وجال في أقسام المشاريع والورش التي ينفذها، واستمع الى المشرفين والمتطوعين في الورش المختلفة ورحبت رئيسة “مارش” ليا بارودي بالمكاري. وتحدثت عن “معاناة المنطقة نتيجة ما تعرضت له من مفهوم المواجهة، وعما بذل من جهد لإعادة التواصل بين الشباب على […]

THEATER FOR RECONCILIATION: Uniting Communities through Art and Culture

MARCH believes in the transformative power of art and culture as catalysts for positive change. This belief has inspired numerous initiatives such as the Theater for Reconciliation. Launched in 2015 in Tripoli, Lebanon, this groundbreaking program has successfully united and reconciled youth from diverse backgrounds through the medium of theater. By providing a safe and […]