Challenging Censorship

The Challenging Censorship Program is on a mission to promote freedom of expression and positive dialogue in Lebanon. “I never thought I could have a constructive conversation with someone who disagrees with me. However, after the training, I was eager to listen to someone with different opinions rather than fight them.” Freedom of expression is […]

Building Bridges in Beirut – Hona Beirut Community Project

The event celebrated cultural diversity through dance and music performances in memory of the late Mrs. Hedwig Waltmans-Molier, spouse of the former Ambassador of the Netherlands to Lebanon, Mr. Jan Waltmans. MARCH organized the “Getting Together – Youth Cultural Exchange” program to join youth from different areas of Lebanon, promote social cohesion and peace through […]

“All of us” Film by Pierre Pierard

We are both humbled and proud to have our Co- Founder Lea Baroudy featured in All of us- The film. Lea shares the story of March Lebanon and tackles the many challenges that the organization faced, as well rewarding stories from the youth of Beb El tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen who once were enemies, fighting […]

“Taarafou” Theater for Reconciliation /تعارفوا

32 full house performances in Lebanon so far in four different theatres Viewed by more than 5576 people Covered by 29 national and international media MARCH Presents “Taarafou” Written and Directed by Yehia Jaber A script tackling important topics related to identity and diversity and inspired by the amateur actors’ lives: The play’s script was […]

The Albe 3ala Jare Initiative: Peacebuilding through Culinary Art.

As part of the Beb el Dahab conflict resolution and reintegration program, youth from Beb el Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen are learning, in the Kanyakaman hub’s community kitchen,  the art of food preservation.  Making and preserving food have always been an essential part of the lebanese culture and the well known hospitality of the lebanese […]

No Garlic No Onions Visits March’s Youth Rehabilitation Program in Tripoli

Watch a live tour by NoGarlicNoOnions of our facilities, Kahwetna and Kanyamakan, on the former front lines! A path of change, from war enemies to carpenters, seamsters, tour guides, cooks, gardeners, builders and artists… It’s a story of love and war. Anthony Rahayel, in his brief documented tour, shed light on these wonderful people’s hidden […]

Peace Takes Center Stage with Lea Baroudi

By Maryam Ghaddar; Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan Disadvantaged, marginalized, impoverished. How does one begin to help people chained to this end of the societal spectrum? MARCH Lebanon is a local non-profit NGO whose mission is to promote social cohesion and personal freedoms through arts and culture. Lights MARCH was created in 2011 by […]


Kahwetna is a cultural hub that constitutes the epicenter of MARCH’s rehabilitation and reconciliation work and in many ways, unifies the different identities that coexist in Tripoli. After succeeding in bringing together 16 young former-fighters from Beb El Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen to tell their story through a theater play called Love and War on […]


The country’s capital encapsulates a striking socioeconomic paradox. Although Beirut represents urbanization, many of its communities remain marginalized and extremely restricted due to their lack of access to equal and equitable opportunities. This has long been the city’s biggest trait. Therefore, MARCH wanted to create a cultural hot-spot that would help alleviate these disparities and […]


By engaging with the young men and women of Beb El Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, our organization recognized the imperative need to create safe and inclusive public spaces within the communities that would give the youth a place to interact away from the toxic dynamics of sectarian divide. We also wanted to build an environment […]