Lea Baroudi selected as one of the Ten Finalist for 2023 Global Pluralism Award

Lea Baroudi, Co-Founder and General Coordinator of MARCH, an organization dedicated to peacebuilding and conflict resolution and youth empowerment in Lebanon, has been selected as one of the ten finalists for the 2023 Global Pluralism Award. The 2023 Global Pluralism Award recognizes the remarkable efforts of Mrs. Baroudi, a passionate peace mediator employing art, culture, […]

سفير الشمال – أهالي التبانة وجبل محسن في مهرجان ترفيهي مشترك

منذ عشر سنوات كان شارع سوريا ” خط تماس” لجولات قتالية إندلعت بين منطقتي باب التبانة وجبل محسن، واليوم شارع سوريا نقطة مهمة لمهرجان ترفيهي ” يلا نفرح سوا” تحت شعار ” متحدون من أجل طرابلس ” اطلقته جمعية مارش بالتعاون مع الجيش اللبناني بهدف دعم الاستقرار بين المنطقتين بحسب ما قالت رئيسة الجمعية ليا […]

Promoting Freedom of Expression: The Challenging Censorship Program

In the year 2020, the Challenging Censorship program was launched by MARCH with a mission to combat censorship practices and promote freedom of expression in Lebanon. The program aims to empower youth in Tripoli and Beirut through capacity building and knowledge-sharing. With some activists leaving the country, the Challenging Censorship program reevaluated its approach from […]


MARCH considers that tolerance and acceptance are preconditions for social cohesion. This belief has been rooted in the organization’s mission since its inception. Despite the democratic facade portrayed by public institutions and the constitutionally guaranteed personal freedoms, Lebanon has been plagued by waves of arbitrary and unjust censorship, particularly in recent years. Artistic and cultural […]

Freedom of Expression & Dialogue Handbook

The Freedom of Expression and Dialogue Handbook was written and designed by the youth in Tripoli of the “Challenging Censorship” program. The handbook tackles diverse topics of freedom of expression such as promoting positive communication, constructive argumentation, values of freedom of expression, and pluralism. The handbook addresses these topics by introducing fundamental tools and skills, […]

Challenging Censorship

The Challenging Censorship Program is on a mission to promote freedom of expression and positive dialogue in Lebanon. “I never thought I could have a constructive conversation with someone who disagrees with me. However, after the training, I was eager to listen to someone with different opinions rather than fight them.” Freedom of expression is […]

“Taarafou” Theater for Reconciliation /تعارفوا

32 full house performances in Lebanon so far in four different theatres Viewed by more than 5576 people Covered by 29 national and international media MARCH Presents “Taarafou” Written and Directed by Yehia Jaber A script tackling important topics related to identity and diversity and inspired by the amateur actors’ lives: The play’s script was […]


Inform yourself on the legislative landscape that dictates the Lebanese censorship system. Find out more about MARCH’s recommendations on how to move towards laws that protect freedom of expression.