In 2016, MARCH inaugurated Kahwetna on Syria street, a former demarcation line with a violent past. The cultural café not only brought together former enemies- building bridges and friendships- but also fostered constructive dialogue. Today, it has developed into the cradle of our organization’s work in Tripoli and h\as transformed into a place where participants share stories, […]


Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, hosts several marginalized communities who lack access to equal and equitable opportunities. This has been the city’s biggest trait for a long time even before the start of the current economic crisis. In addition to the socio-economic inequalities, what characterizes this city is a fissure between the different communities. Most […]

THEATER FOR RECONCILIATION: Uniting Communities through Art and Culture

MARCH believes in the transformative power of art and culture as catalysts for positive change. This belief has inspired numerous initiatives such as the Theater for Reconciliation. Launched in 2015 in Tripoli, Lebanon, this groundbreaking program has successfully united and reconciled youth from diverse backgrounds through the medium of theater. By providing a safe and […]

“Taarafou” Theater for Reconciliation /تعارفوا

32 full house performances in Lebanon so far in four different theatres Viewed by more than 5576 people Covered by 29 national and international media MARCH Presents “Taarafou” Written and Directed by Yehia Jaber A script tackling important topics related to identity and diversity and inspired by the amateur actors’ lives: The play’s script was […]

ليبانون تابلويد – يحيى جابر في “تعارفوا”: لعبة البكاء والضحك في المأساة

تُعرض على خشبة مسرح دوار الشمس في الطيونة مسرحية “تعارفوا” كتابة وسيناريو واخراج يحيى جابر. الأربعاء ٠٢ فبراير ٢٠٢٢ أنطوان سلامه- تعارفوا عنوان مسرحية يحيى جابر “الكوميدية الطائفية” كتابة وإخراجا في سياق نشاطات جمعية مارتش يقودك العنوان حكما الى سورة الحجرات (آية ١٣) :” يا أيها الناس إنّا خلقناكم من ذكر وأنثى وجعلناكم شعوبا وقبائل لتعارفوا…” […]

Ici Beyrouth – Initiée par MARCH, “Taarafou”, les 1er et 2 février au théâtre Tournesol

 Bélinda Ibrahim  Jan 27, 2022 À 5:50 Les initiatives culturelles de l’ONG MARCH, fondée par l’infatigable Léa Baroudi, se suivent, se ressemblent, mais surtout rassemblent.  Cette dernière pièce dont le scénario a été écrit par Yehya Jaber se tiendra, pour deux soirées consécutives, au théâtre Tournesol. À l’image des  pièces précédentes, celle-ci sera également jouée par […]


27/01/2022|Léa Samara MARCH, une ONG libanaise qui œuvre pour le renforcement de la cohésion sociale au sein de certaines des zones de tensions au Liban a lancé en octobre 2021 la 5e édition de son programme « Théâtre pour la réconciliation ». Face à la polarisation et aux frictions croissantes, l’association a vu la nécessité de rassembler […]

Arab News – À Tripoli, d’anciens combattants redonnent vie à des objets du mobilier

Coup d’envoi de l’exposition «Kan Ya Ma kan », (Il était une fois) au centre-ville de Beyrouth dans le cadre d’un projet lancé par l’association libanaise March Des produits intitulés « Histoires Inédites d’amour et de guerre » sont restaurés par d’anciens combattants ennemis aujourd’hui réconciliés, unis et réunis pour une même cause BEYROUTH : […]

Reuters- Fighters and farmers step in to help Beirut after the blast

Ban Barkawi AMMAN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – From former fighters repairing damaged buildings to rural women preparing meals, people from across Lebanon have stepped in to help businesses set up to do good after the seismic port explosion in Beirut. The Aug. 4 blast, which officials have blamed on more than 2,000 tonnes of ammonium […]


A cultural journey from Tripoli to Beirut Throughout the years, MARCH has actively incorporated the arts into its initiatives. This stems from the organization’s belief in the transformative and often cathartic power of self-expression. Our most recent adventure was no exception! Our work with youth from marginalized neighborhoods in Beirut has Tripoli has shown us […]