This past month Hona Beirut started a ten-week-long English workshop. Marginalized youth were selected from all over Beirut to improve their language skills, or even to learn English completely from scratch!

After completing their intake, participants were divided into four separate levels ranging from complete beginners, elementary, intermediate all the way to advanced.

Learning expectations included general improvement in the language, some requests for specific grammar topics were made, and mostly importantly the need to practice speaking. For Intermediate students the focus has mainly been on grammar and speaking correction due to their level. The advanced class covers a variation of topics that challenge B2 speakers of English, namely interviewing simulations, email writing, public speaking, negotiations, TEOFL training etc.

Each lesson is designed for the specific needs of the level. Every session is interactive and uses a diverse range of learning and teaching techniques such as, mobile apps, online live exercises, simulation games to practice language and much more.

Students from each level should walk away with a new-found confidence in usage of vocabulary, correction in grammar, and of course the safety of having practiced something new in a substantial amount of time. One-on-one sessions are also offered to students who feel they require extra assistance in lesson content, personal growth, CV writing, or any other requested language need. With five weeks left to go, the first cycle of English Lessons at Hona have been successful and hopefully will see the growth of each of its students that have been dedicated to self-improvement.