Le prix 2022 pour la prévention des conflits et la paix attribué à March – L’orient Le Jour

Le prix de la Fondation Ghazal pour la prévention des conflits et la paix au Liban, en collaboration avec la Fondation de France et la Fondation Vivre ensemble, a été décerné à March Lebanon. La cérémonie a eu lieu le samedi 17 décembre à l’auditorium François Bassil, campus de l’innovation et du sport, à l’Université […]


21/12/2022|Zoe Lunven Samedi 17 décembre 2022 à l’Université Saint-Joseph, la Fondation Ghazal en présence de son président Michel Ghazal et en collaboration avec la Fondation de France et la Fondation Vivre Ensemble, a décerné son prix annuel « For Peacebuilding and Prevention of Conflicts in Lebanon » à MARCH Lebanon.  Engagée auprès des jeunes radicalisés de Tripoli […]

Civil Military Cooperation for Social Cohesion – Agriculture Project

For the past 5 years, we have been working on building ties and breaking the barriers of fear and mistrust between the youth of Beb el Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen and the Lebanese Army. Watch the video to know more Big thank you to the UK Embassy in Lebanon for supporting our youth rehabilitation program.

How This Lebanese Entrepreneur Is Promoting Deradicalization Through Culture, Art And Construction

Melissa Jun RowleyForbesWomenCEO & Founder, Warrior Love Productions, Creator, @BorderBreakers.tv Activist, entrepreneur and certified professional mediator,  Lea Baroudi, was raised in what she refers to as a “very non-sectarian household.” In Lebanon, a country still recovering from the aftermath of the Lebanese Civil War, which lasted from 1975 to 1990, and ruled by a political […]

Feuding youths becoming change-makers

MARCH / THE BEB EL DAHAB INITIATIVE, TRIPOLI, LEBANON Young people formerly involved in violent conflicts receive training in the practical and emotional skills needed to rebuild their neighborhoods together. Presented by: Kinda Majari, Project Coordinator, MARCH Lebanon | Tripoli, Lebanon FEUDING NEIGHBORHOODS An Alawite and a Sunni neighborhood in Tripoli have been plagued by […]

Facing Off COVID-19

Protective face masks production by youth from Beb El Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen The world has been struck by the COVID-19 pandemic leading countless people to suffer on different levels whether it be financially, physically or even emotionally. However, the communities most impacted by this crisis are those whose socioeconomic vulnerabilities had already alienated them […]

An initiative by the community, for the community!

Food parcels distribution in Tripoli and Beirut “It takes a village” is a popular saying that could not be more accurate because it truly does take collective efforts to cope with a deteriorating economy with detrimental social impacts coupled with a global pandemic.  That is why MARCH helped youth from Beb El Tabbaneh and Jabal […]

No Garlic No Onions Visits March’s Youth Rehabilitation Program in Tripoli

Watch a live tour by NoGarlicNoOnions of our facilities, Kahwetna and Kanyamakan, on the former front lines! A path of change, from war enemies to carpenters, seamsters, tour guides, cooks, gardeners, builders and artists… It’s a story of love and war. Anthony Rahayel, in his brief documented tour, shed light on these wonderful people’s hidden […]