La mediatrice Lea Baroudi. «La mia cura per il Libano dentro a un teatro»

L’impegno del gruppo March nel Paese, in ginocchio dalla fine della guerra civile: «Arte e cultura sono catalizzatori di cambiamento. Vi racconto come metto sul palcoscenici combattenti e nemici» Una vita da mediatrice, nel mezzo di conflitti interconfessionali e settari, usando l’arte – in particolare il teatro sociale – come strumento per far abbassare le […]

Tripoli’s Syria Street: A symbol of Lebanon’s divisions

In the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, one road symbolises the complex relationship between Lebanon and neighbouring Syria: the aptly named Syria Street. With the outbreak of civil war in Syria in 2011, Tripoli street also become a conflict zone. On one side, the Alawite district sided with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Sunni neighbourhood […]

ليا بارودي تمثل لبنان في نهائيات جائزة التعددية العالمية

بسبب استخدامها المبتكر للفن والثقافة،وبسبب تمكنها من التعاطي الايجابي مع المؤسّسات الاجتماعيّة لمكافحة التطرّف ودعم الحوار للتخفيف من حدّة الانقسامات الطائقيّة في لبنان،استطاعت  السيدة ليا بارودي أن تكون من بين ١٩ مرشّحين نهائيين لجائزة التعددية العالمية لعام ٢٠٢٣ وقد تم اختيارها من بين 200 مشترك من 60 دولة وصرّحت الأمينة العامة للمركز العالمي للتعددية ميريديث […]

This is Beirut – Global Pluralism Award: Lea Baroudi Among the 10 Finalists

The Global Centre for Pluralism announced on Wednesday the names of the ten finalists for the 2023 Global Pluralism Award. Lea Baroudi, founder of the NGO March, is among these finalists competing for the award that “celebrates the inspiring and brave work that is helping to build more inclusive societies where diversity is valued and protected.” […]

Book a Love and War Tour

Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure that transcends boundaries? Welcome to the Love and War Tour, an eye-opening journey along the former demarcation lines of Jabal Mohsen and Beb El Tebbeneh, now proudly featured on the local tourism map of Lebanon by the Ministry of Tourism. What makes this tour truly exceptional? Former fighters […]

Proposed Draft Law Facilitating Registration Process for Lebanese Stateless Individuals

MARCH organized a highly successful high-level consultative meeting entitled “Lebanese Stateless: Challenges and Solutions” in collaboration with the General Directorate of Personal Status at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to address the issue of Lebanese statelessness. The meeting brought together several Members of Parliament, ambassadors, experts, policymakers, judges, lawyers, and representatives from various local […]

Jabal Mohsen and Beb El Tebbeneh’s Former Demarcation Lines Officially featured on the Tourist Map of Lebanon

Bridging Divides: The Uniting “Love & War” Trail Featured on Lebanon’s Tourist Map Lebanon, a country with a rich history and diverse cultural heritage, has seen its fair share of conflicts and divisions. However, a heartening initiative by the MARCH is paving the way for social cohesion, solidarity, and conflict resolution in Tripoli’s marginalized areas. […]

Freedom of Expression & Dialogue Handbook

The Freedom of Expression and Dialogue Handbook was written and designed by the youth in Tripoli of the “Challenging Censorship” program. The handbook tackles diverse topics of freedom of expression such as promoting positive communication, constructive argumentation, values of freedom of expression, and pluralism. The handbook addresses these topics by introducing fundamental tools and skills, […]

Challenging Censorship

The Challenging Censorship Program is on a mission to promote freedom of expression and positive dialogue in Lebanon. “I never thought I could have a constructive conversation with someone who disagrees with me. However, after the training, I was eager to listen to someone with different opinions rather than fight them.” Freedom of expression is […]