Lebanon: A cultural melting pot – Mediterranean journey | DW Documentary

A Cultural Melting Point Mediterranean Journey is a documentary which explores different countries in the Middle East with the aim of identifying what the current distinctive cultures have in common. In this 10-part series, journalists Jaafar Abdel Karim and Sineb El Masrar from DW Chanel have travelled the coast of the Mediterranean, starting with Lebanon, […]

Le prix 2022 pour la prévention des conflits et la paix attribué à March – L’orient Le Jour

Le prix de la Fondation Ghazal pour la prévention des conflits et la paix au Liban, en collaboration avec la Fondation de France et la Fondation Vivre ensemble, a été décerné à March Lebanon. La cérémonie a eu lieu le samedi 17 décembre à l’auditorium François Bassil, campus de l’innovation et du sport, à l’Université […]


21/12/2022|Zoe Lunven Samedi 17 décembre 2022 à l’Université Saint-Joseph, la Fondation Ghazal en présence de son président Michel Ghazal et en collaboration avec la Fondation de France et la Fondation Vivre Ensemble, a décerné son prix annuel « For Peacebuilding and Prevention of Conflicts in Lebanon » à MARCH Lebanon.  Engagée auprès des jeunes radicalisés de Tripoli […]

Civil Military Cooperation for Social Cohesion – Agriculture Project

For the past 5 years, we have been working on building ties and breaking the barriers of fear and mistrust between the youth of Beb el Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen and the Lebanese Army. Watch the video to know more Big thank you to the UK Embassy in Lebanon for supporting our youth rehabilitation program.

Testimony: Meet Ahmad Jalloul

”If people are given a chance they can change for the better” Ahmad Jalloul This is Ahmad’s story, a former fighter who grew up in Beb el Tebbeneh, one of Lebanon’s most marginalized areas, engulfed in violence and conflict.This is a story of second chances, hope and new beginnings.Watch, share and spread the love.

MTV – تعارفوا في مهرجان إهدنيات

تعارفوا عمل مسرحي انطلق به مهرجان إهدنيات الدولي كرسالة دعم للمسرح اللبناني من منطلقات ابداعية وانسانية ومن صون حق الاختلاف. والمسرحية مشروع لجمعية مارش “March” من كتابة وإخراج يحيى جابر وهو من رواد المسرح اللبناني.تعارفوا “كوميديا طائفية” تعالج قضايا اللبنانيين الذين لم يتعارفوا على بعضهم البعض بالحقيقة وبالعمق وتستخدم المسرح وسيلة لقبول الآخر وتحرره من […]

‘Sending a message’: Lebanese act out their pain in a play

Get to Know Each Other is a play but also part of a wider social programme that includes group psychological support. By Kareem Chehayeb Published On 21 Feb 2022 Beirut, Lebanon – The audience burst into laughter – and nearly burst into tears – as 18 youth and young adults from around Lebanon shared their life stories […]

Testimony: Meet Ahmad Chaaban

” Today my entire life has changed and i don’t want to go back…” Ahmad Chaaban As a former fighter in the clashes of Beb El Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli, Ahmad fell victim to life’s circumstances growing up in one of Lebanon’s most marginalized areas engulfed in violence and conflict. Through MARCH’s program, […]